Where Can A Budding Skateboarder Buy Cheap Longboard Skateboard?

A good understanding of longboard skateboard is mandatory prior to choosing it. The sport equipment is fret with many risks, and embarking on it without improving one’s knowledge would be a recipe for disaster. This type of skateboard is a bit special. It is not like the other types of skateboards. This is why a proper understanding is needed. Choosing a good skateboard, longboard or otherwise, requires making some special considerations. Failure to do this could mean buying a skateboard that cracks and splits the first time it is put to use. The skateboarder needs to identify the purpose for which he wants to use this type of skateboard before buying it.

When people read about a type of skateboard called longboard, they immediately think of skateboarding with a much longer skateboard. This is not true. Normal skateboards, referred to as short boards, measure between 28 inches and 32 inches in length. On the other hand, the longboards measure between 28 inches and 50 inches in length. The components that this type of skateboard contains are what make it special from the rest. When a person needs a longboard to make shorter or short-distance commutes, then what he should invest in is a mini cruiser skateboard. For a long-distance commutes, he would need a different type of longboard.

Ideally, the mini cruiser should be between 25 inches and 32 inches in length. This size is quite deliberate, as it is the best for a skater who would love to maneuver around the tight and sudden street corners. A different size or type of longboard would not suffice and is incapable of providing the skateboarder with anywhere near this sort of maneuverability. Longer commutes need a longboard that measures 40 inches in length. In addition to the length, the longboard chosen for the longer commutes should be of a much lower profile. After identifying all these features, the next goal would be to prepare a budget of around $300 for a brand name longboard.

The fact that not all skaters are able to afford the $300 to buy a single longboard, means that the demand for cheaper or more affordable longboards is not about to come to an end today or any time soon. For a beginner, a longboard that costs around $150 would suffice. By longboard standards, a price of around $150 is quite cheap. However, with a bit of research, finding a longboard that costs less than $100 is achievable. For a budget that does not exceed $100, the skateboarder would need to look for a blank longboard. Typically, a blank longboard is a skateboard that has neither graphics nor brand name.

Therefore, the next time a skateboarder goes to buy skateboard decks, he needs to start by identifying what he would like to use it for before parting with a single dollar. A budget of around $300 would get the skateboarder a band-name longboard. A budget of around $150 would suffice in getting the beginner skateboarder a good longboard. On the other hand, a beginner skateboarder who has less than $100 to spend on a skateboard should not worry as he can get blank longboard with such money. When buying the longboard, do not forget the hardware such as trucks and wheels that it shall need.