The Changing Scenario Of Businesses With The Advent Of Internet

The internet has made life really very easy. It has brought everything to the doorstep. You can search for anything online, shop online, order food online and do so many things.

Bid goodbye to door to door selling

The internet has proved to be a boon mostly to the businessmen. It has made it really simple for them to reach each and every household. People, who did not know about their business, now buy regularly from them. Then whether it is a book supplier or an e bike shops Prahran wholesale supplier, he can easily sell things to his clients without any door to door selling activities.

Even promoting a business has become so easy with the help of internet. He does not even have to move from his place and can easily promote his business.

Benefits to the businessmen

• Selling online helps the businessmen in saving a lot of money. Since he can do most of the things online he can save a lot of money. He even does not require so many staff. So he can save money which he would have spent on paying his staff. Also, since he does not need to maintain a brick and mortar shop, he saves money on electricity and other supplies.

• An advanced way of doing business- the internet is an advanced means of doing business. It teaches so many things which help the businessmen doing the business in a much better and faster way.

• Improved quality- through the internet the services offered are of high quality services.

• Competition- it is a very good way of fighting competition. For instance, there are 2 e bike wholesale supplier. One has started selling his goods online and the other one is not so computer savvy and thus has not started selling online. Thus, the one who has started his business online will definitely have an upper hand over his rivals.

Disadvantages for the businessmen

Like every coin has 2 faces, there are advantages and disadvantages of everything. If the internet has a lot of advantages or the businessmen, it also has some disadvantages for them.

• Not everyone is computer savvy- since everyone is not so computer savvy, it is not possible for everyone to conduct business online. Thus, he may be left behind in the competition.

• Investment- conducting business online definitely helps in saving a lot of money, but initially it asks for a little investment. It is not necessary that all the businessmen have that money. So, again, they would be left behind in the race.

• Technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. For people who can make use of it, it proves to be a boon and for people who can’t use it, it proves to be a curse.

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